Public Relations.

Navigating a complex environment where multiple stakeholders influence a decision. We use a comprehensive network of media insight to help your organization better position itself in influencing public opinion, stakeholders and policy makers while mobilizing and engaging third party relationships and partnerships.

Communication Strategies.

Our extensive experience in various aspects of communication will assist your organization ensure that there is effective and strategic communication both internally and externally. With the relevant tools and systems in place, we will ensure that your messages cut through the clutter and is delivered to the right audience in a timely manner.

Brand Building.

We work closely with you to ensure that we craft messages that properly positions your organisation in a unique way in the marketplace. The messages ensures that you have a strong brand identity and builds relationships with your various stakeholders. Our strong knowledge of the Tanzanian market ensures that your messages are delivered using the most effective tools and mediums.

Event Management.

Once we understand your target market and rationale, we are able to create different concepts to suit your audience and effectively execute it from beginning to end. We believe that an event can only be successful if it is memorable and leaves a long lasting experience to an individual.

Government Relations.

We will hold your hand to effectively navigate your business and ensure that you are able to get the right support and acknowledgment from the government and ensure that you abide to the different regulations.


We promote your brand, helping you reach customers and influence behaviour using all forms of digital advertising channels. Blogging, e-mailers, mobile, e-commerce, and customer focused websites, social media, Youtube, etc.

Corporate and Social Responsibilities.

Our holistic approach aims to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into the company's values, vision, operations and business decisions at all levels of the organization; while at the same time aligning the program with the country's development goals to have a significant impact and remain relevant to the country's development needs.